→ btvs/hannibal [1/?]

In which Buffy meets Hannibal, figures out he eats people and then decides to outpun him.



Some WIPs of what I’ve been working on for the New York Historical Society exhibit!

I should go to class. Instead I’m going to take a nap with my bf.


you know I’m sad ned died but at least he didn’t live long enough to be written grossly out of character

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cap TS


cap TS


bucky receiving conscription notice

bucky desperately trying to apply for conscientious objector status so he can stay home and look out for steve

bucky being rejected and told to report to basic training no later than tomorrow at seven am

bucky swaggering in, throwing an arm around steve’s shoulders, telling him he enlisted to fight the nazis, trying to ignore the way that steve’s face falls when he hears the news

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